Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Treasure Bags - Part 2

Erin - here: A few weeks ago - okay maybe more than a few, we know we have been bad, bad bloggers -I shared a few of the treasure bags I have made, well today we will add a few more.

This first peyote/gourd stitch bag is in loving memory of Spirit, our UnStrung Aunt Joey's faithful companion for many years. Tucked inside are a few of his feathers. There is a peace about this bag much like the greatly missed cooing of Spirit. This is a purchased pattern, I will do a little more searching for the artist to give proper credit - if you know the artist please let me know.

Another gift for our UnStrung Aunt Joey one of the very few bags I have made that is very simple. I adapted a cross stitch pattern to come up with this running rabbit bag - Unstrung Aunt Joey live at No. 1 Rabbit Run. The back and front are the same, so the rabbit can run in either direction! The only two colors used are the bronze and cream colored seed beads. This bag does have a slide top, so what is inside is a secret!

The last bag for today is another peyote/gourd stitch bag made from a pattern by Barbara Elbe and was my first attempt at making this type of bag. I was immediately hooked!!!! This of course is another gift to our UnStrung Aunt Joey. It took me hours to get the twisted fringe just right. This is one of the very few bags that actually have a plain back - as I got better at making the beaded fabric for the bags I needed a little more of a challenge. Sorry the picture is a little crooked, all the pictures featured today we're taken in UnStrung Aunt Joey's front yard.

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GrandmaMarilyn said...

The first amulet bag came from either the book, pattern or kit on this page.

Your work is beautiful