Thursday, May 28, 2009

Keep on Keeping On

Amy here with an update. Erin continues to do well. She has completed her last 'big' chemo session yesterday and will continue Herceptin treatments for the next year. The Chemo knocks her off her feet for about a week. If you know Erin, it is hard for her to slow down. However, the regular pattern of treatment allows her to predict when and for how long she will be feeling tired or dealing with some of the various side effects. Overall, her spirits are high and she continues to be buoyed by the well-wishes and care from her friends and family. So, please keep them coming!

Erin does get a chuckle at how obsessed I can be by certain things. Our UnStrungSisters shop has been on Etsy for 2 years (Happy Birthday to us). During that time I have have been hoping to see one of our items make it to the home page of Etsy. The home page changes ever few hours and features member created treasuries. These treasuries are a group of items that members can put together and they last a couple of days. If you would like to shop Etsy is a different way try clicking on the treasuries link and you will find a huge list of treasuries in various themes.

Our Custom Copper Message Pendant was featured in a great treasury on May 3rd and made it to the home page with this treasury, curated by CurlyGirlCrochet. Thanks for the feature Jodie!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Good Side of Cancer

Erin here-
As I keep telling everyone I'm am just overwhelmed by the support from my family and friends. Those of us who are Moms know it's hard to let stuff be about you. I thought I'd share a few of the neat things that have happened the last few months. At my very first Chemo treatment my merry band of neighbors had a gift bag waiting for me - snacks, books, slippers - it was wonderful. Every treatment since I've had a bag of goodies waiting for me. My husband Reinhard has been able to go to just about every treatment with me so I do share with him. The mail has provided several fun surprise packages(cookies, lotions, books) - always fun.

Several of the lovely ladies in "The Number One Ladies Book Club" know me well enough to know I will ask for help when I need it but they still wanted me to know I was in their thoughts - I was given a vase that had buttons, beads and marbles in it?!!!? They informed each one represents a prayer that has been said for me. I am so tickled when I open my front door and find "an envelope of prayers" to add to the beautiful vase.

The Spokane Race for the Cure was on one of my bad weekends so I did not have the energy to attend. But because of my friends Natalie, Greg and Lisa I have great bragging rights - my shirt came in third - well, Greg wearing my shirt came in third! The Friday before the race there was a knock on my door and in came the merry band wearing black racing jerseys. Greg had organized 15 racers to wear a shirt with my name on it (pictured below - modeled by my daughter Kenna). Greg finished the 5k in 16 minutes and 41 seconds - my shirt was flying!
Stay tuned - part two will be coming soon...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Art & Soul - Day 2

Amy here-
My last blog update covered my first day at Art and Soul. My last class was Be Still My Beating Heart with Lisa Kaus. This class was so fun and liberating. Lisa was inspiring and taught us many creative techniques to add interest, depth and texture to your art. We were able to use many products I had never tried and created a very cool piece of art. Here are a few pieces of Lisa's work.

And Lisa- our wonderful instructor who insisted we color outside the lines!

My work-in-progress and finished piece.

The Art and Soul organizers had a retail store on-site that was unbelievable! Oh, the cool art products! This picture does not do it justice since it is less than half of the room!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Art & Soul- First Day

Amy here- It's official... I'm a virgin no more! After taking Sally Jean Alexander's Soldering for Virgins class today at Art & Soul I can consider myself a blooming solderer (okay- solderer sounds weird but soldering wench is worse).

Here are a few photos of my day and my creation.

Sally Jean made the day fun and had us all inspired and soldering our hearts out.

Below is on of Sally Jean's bracelets.

My work in progress.

My finished bracelet and a few close-up photos. I'm hooked and as with many things I do- I am jumping in with both feet! BTW- the last photo keeps rotating 90 degrees every time I try to upload it. So, to compensate, tip your head to the right until your right ear touches your right shoulder to get an accurate view. (Then apply a heating pad to your neck.)

I used some very cool supplies I picked up from PhizzyChick. I love her work and her supplies made my bracelet so fun!

My next post will show a photo of the Art & Soul Store! If you love all things art, paper, rubber stamps, paints, inks, epherema, fiber, .... you'll wish you were there! It was wonderful.