Sunday, May 17, 2009

Art & Soul - Day 2

Amy here-
My last blog update covered my first day at Art and Soul. My last class was Be Still My Beating Heart with Lisa Kaus. This class was so fun and liberating. Lisa was inspiring and taught us many creative techniques to add interest, depth and texture to your art. We were able to use many products I had never tried and created a very cool piece of art. Here are a few pieces of Lisa's work.

And Lisa- our wonderful instructor who insisted we color outside the lines!

My work-in-progress and finished piece.

The Art and Soul organizers had a retail store on-site that was unbelievable! Oh, the cool art products! This picture does not do it justice since it is less than half of the room!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like fun and your project is adorable...great job.

TanyaMac said...

oh I'm soooo envious!!!! Next time please take me with you! Your finished project looks absolutely amazing too... love the box like depth and all that lovely collage! Nice job! :)* ♥