Friday, May 1, 2009

Art & Soul- First Day

Amy here- It's official... I'm a virgin no more! After taking Sally Jean Alexander's Soldering for Virgins class today at Art & Soul I can consider myself a blooming solderer (okay- solderer sounds weird but soldering wench is worse).

Here are a few photos of my day and my creation.

Sally Jean made the day fun and had us all inspired and soldering our hearts out.

Below is on of Sally Jean's bracelets.

My work in progress.

My finished bracelet and a few close-up photos. I'm hooked and as with many things I do- I am jumping in with both feet! BTW- the last photo keeps rotating 90 degrees every time I try to upload it. So, to compensate, tip your head to the right until your right ear touches your right shoulder to get an accurate view. (Then apply a heating pad to your neck.)

I used some very cool supplies I picked up from PhizzyChick. I love her work and her supplies made my bracelet so fun!

My next post will show a photo of the Art & Soul Store! If you love all things art, paper, rubber stamps, paints, inks, epherema, fiber, .... you'll wish you were there! It was wonderful.

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