Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Packaging Says About the Artist

Amy here. Erin is enjoying some vacation time with her family.

What does the packaging say about the artist? A lot! Here is a great example of wonderful packaging of an order (or three- I can't help myself) I received from Etsy seller Phizzychick.

Each time I have opened an envelope from the wonderfully talented Georgina I have been wowed by the creative packaging of her products. Not only is the outer wrapping so appealing but the individual items are wrapped with care and include labels that display her artistic talents.

Let's be honest- it's a thrill to open the mailbox and see that an Etsy purchase has arrived. There's anticipation- no matter if you have ordered art or supplies. Opening a package to find an item you have ordered for yourself wrapped in a lovely and thoughtful way is a treat! It leaves an impression. This seller has taken the time to "present" my purchases.

Phizzychick provides a wonderful example of how to extend your art into the packaging. She has used her art on the tags of individual bags, made one-of-a-kind thank you tags and demonstrates that each items that has touched her hand has an incredible amount of detail.

What does your packaging say about you?

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Katie said...

wow! What great packaging! I'm impressed. That's the kind of thing that makes you want to buy from that person again. What are some of your packaging goodies?