Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Working and working!

Busy, busy, busy! And, more new work to share. Here are a few items you may still see in our Etsy shop. ~Amy

Sinful Cinnabar Choker Style Necklace

This choker is simple and stunning! You can also find matching pieces in our shop: Sinful Cinnabar Bracelet and Sinful Cinnabar Earrings.

Black Spinel O Necklace

I have a variation of this black spinel necklace that I have been wearing and have been asked by more than a few people if I will be making another for our shop- so here it is! This micro- faceted black spinel is hard to come by and I love it! This necklace goes great with this next pair of earrings.

Simply Silver O Earrings

I had fun with my torch and hammer making the textured fine silver rings for these earrings.

Crazy Lace Agate Necklace

This one is for all of the purple lovers in the world- it has all of the shades!

Harmony Necklace in Olive

This is another color variation added to our long and lush Harmony Necklace line. The colors on this are an amazing array of gorgeous greens.

Bluest of Blue Agate Slice Necklace

Show off your fun and funky side with this great piece. The color is amazing!

More new pieces to come- so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

You're amazing -- I love them all!

Anonymous said...

They are all very pretty but I love the black spinel and matching earrings.