Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In Honor of the Debates


Get Out and Vote Bracelet. It's time to exercise your right TO VOTE and be proud. My county (Spokane County in Washington State) went to an all mail-in balloting system - no more voting booths, no more "I Voted" stickers, no more sharing that sense of community pride - not in who you voted for but that you did!!! So I made this bracelet as a symbol of my pride in being able to vote.

So what's the special - purchase this Perfectly Patriotic Bracelet - mention "Blog Special" in the comments section on your Etsy purchase (or convo us) and we will refund all the shipping costs for this bracelet and any other items you purchase(from us!) with this bracelet. Don't hesitate we only have 5 bracelets available with the star toggle clasp - this special will run through Thursday(or until the bracelets are gone). Need a different length? Just mention that in the convo - there is also a matching necklace. Please VOTE and show the world how much we care about our country also take a second and answer our poll question. Check back next week for our new special.

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