Friday, October 10, 2008

Unnamed Lovely

This lovely new necklace has yet to be named but I thought I'd share it nonetheless. Feel free to suggest a name.

Watery green moss agate beads were the inspiration. They are paired with hammered Hill Tribe silver accent beads. The centerpiece is a stunningly simple sterling silver pendant depicting a lotus flower on a lily pad. (It is not a pineapple as my 7 year old son and husband suggested.) It will be listed at UnStrungSisters in the next few days.

Hmm... perhaps Pond Lotus Necklace. That prompts a strange train of thought that brings me to "Pond or pool... Pond would be good for you?" Nah- reminds me of gophers. (Not so vague movie reference- just so you don't think I'm completely mad.)

Have a great weekend. ~ Amy

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