Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Clean Slate of Sorts

Stripped bare.....

A new year is approaching and it is time to organize and renew. I have shared photos of my craft space in previous posts and here it is again. Or, more accurately, as it was.
This photo is a bit old and my jewelry supplies have grown considerably. So I have decided to start over and redesign the space. I'll keep you updated as I go. What led me to this point? Well, keep reading but please heed the warnings below.

The following picture is for Mature audiences only.
It is not for the faint of heart and contains graphic depictions of unspeakable destruction. If you are highly organized, type A or just plain anal the following photo will be quite disturbing to you. It can be described with any of the following: annihilation, decimation, demolition, desolation, devastation, extermination, extinction, havoc, loss, obliteration, ruin, ruination, wastage, wreckage.
You have been warned!

As you can see this set-up is just not working. I have grown into this space like a goldfish to a small bowl. When organized and with no projects underway it is quite workable. Once a project is underway there is little space to move items to use the space for anything else. The above picture was taken recently and is after a two month craft show season, the holiday season, 8 days of company, two straight weeks in December of at least one of my three children sick and home from school (when I need to be wrapping, shopping , cooking and, ahem, cleaning), a birthday for my now 6 YO daughter and the multitude of school parties and activities only known to parents of elementary age children. There are other photos of the room but I can not bring myself to share them.
Check back soon to see how I am progressing.

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