Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Shelves!

I know- you are thinking- how can someone get so excited about shelves? Well, I am because this is a major factor in making my craft space more flexible and my worktable more spacious. These shelves are positioned over where my worktable will be installed. They are probably the largest part of my expenditure so far also. (When everything is complete I will itemize my room makeover.)
Below the old:
My old shelves were great and a colorful way to display my many jars of beads and little pieces of art I have created. These jars hold mostly glass and wood beads of every style. However, we use mostly gemstones at UnStrungSisters. So, this design was not making the most of the wall space for me.
Somehow, I will build these back into my display because they really brighten the space and inspire me. Plus, I love jars full of craft supplies as you can see. These hold thread, silk ribbon, dyed silk cocoons and buttons.
Tomorrow- my work table- a great low budget solution.

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Anonymous said...

I can certainly understand excitement about shelving. I experienced it when they were added to my studio and especially my walk-in closet...shelving is wonderful!