Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Craft Space Makeover SUCCESS!

Yes! My craft room remodel is complete... and I am SO happy with the results. Please see previous posts in December for the before and in- progress pictures.

The above photo shows my main work area. By installing larger shelving on the walls, I was able to move my bins of sterling silver and gemstone supplies off the table to free up more workspace. The shelves supporting the table (hold over’s from the before time) allow me to store and organize completed jewelry in boxes that are easily accessed. Two desktop organizers help to keep my tools, pens, scissors, and other items nearby.

Here is another view of the same area. The top shelve holds beautiful items that I love but use only sporadically. Colorful ribbons, threads, buttons, dyed silk cocoons, and mulberry bark provide a burst of color up high and I love to look at them. Here and there, I have used mini easels to display fiber art postcards I have made over the years.

The shelves above the left side of the table hold bins of supplies. The metal scroll supports are the perfect place for a dowel rod and hold spools of ribbon, beading wire, and cotton cording- again, all close by. A Christmas themed mini- art quilt, made by me a few years back, adorns the wall above.

Just below the shelves, I have used a magnetic white board for additional storage of small items. By applying magnets to the bottoms of clear-lidded metal tins, these items can be stored vertically freeing up additional space while keeping the items handy and visible.

This picture also shows how I dressed up my table. After applying several coats of celery green wood stain I decoupaged flowers cut from scrapbook paper to the surface. The front edge of the shelves is decoupaged with coordinating striped paper (shown in the top picture). Hand thrown coffee mugs (made by others) that are chipped and can no longer be used in the kitchen hold my pens and scissors.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my new table runs across the whole wall on one side of my small room. On the right side, I have placed my photo box (more on that another day). When not in use it will be slid underneath the table and out of sight. The small chair on that side is where Sadie, my six YO daughter, will have her space to create- we are both pretty excited about that!

The bulletin board, shown above, holds mini UFOs (unfinished objects) and other little pieces that provide me with art and inspiration.

The existing built-in shelves needed little redoing other than a good de-cluttering on my part. They are the perfect place for my art and craft books, small pieces of art I have made or collected, and some supplies. On the wall to the right is a small art quilt I made a few years back. .
To the left of the built-in shelves and pictured above is another art quilt from some time ago.

A white storage cube that I purchased at the craft store provides the perfect place for me to slide trays of work in progress items. Previously these "projects" cluttered up the tabletop. Now I can slide them out of the way when I need to work on something else.

Now that most of the work is behind me I am so glad I tackled this project. My space is bright and inspiring. Being able to decorate it with my own art and art I have purchased from others makes it all the more special! Now it is time to get back to making jewelry! Check in tomorrow for the final accounting of how much my space redo cost.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This looks awesome! I have been dreading cleaning and organizing my studio but you have given me inspiration to tackle it!


shopPOPKO said...

wow what a difference! the clean slate must make you feel productive!

A Blond And A Torch said...


Kristen said...

WOW!!!!!!!! What an Awesome Inspiring work space.
Great job :)

Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

I'm right in the middle of transforming our office into my workspace...how cool to see your progress! You made me want to go work on it... :)

Happy 2009!

-Amanda, fellow Etsyan

Anitra Cameron said...

What a wonderful space to create! And what organization. I'm smiling for you and your daughter!

Anitra Cameron said...

What a wonderful space to create! And what organization. I'm smiling for you and your daughter!