Friday, January 23, 2009

A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

Hi, Erin here -These pretty lampwork beads immediately caught my eye on my very first visit to Sassy Glass Designs and of course they had to be mine - at least until I played with them and decided to pass them on to someone else. (I've blogged about my lampwork bead problem in the past!) The little flowers remind me of a huge Lilac bush in the side yard of the farm Amy and I grew up on - the flowers were such a deep purple they looked black from a distance. I can remember the wonderful fragrance of these delicate little flowers, the joy I felt bringing a bouquet to my teachers and the people who would stop to ask for a small bouquet (there were plenty of blooms - we always gave huge bouquets) or even better a cutting so they could have their own Black Lilac Bush. Thank you Sandi for the great walk down memory lane.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Erin for making my beads look so good. Sandi

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Love the beads. Anyways I have ben tagged and I am now tagging you. Check out the tagged post on my blog to see what it's all about. I thought you seemed like someone who might actually play:).