Friday, December 4, 2009

21 Days - That's Just THREE Weeks!

Amy here- Breathe deeply! To help ease that feeling of holiday panic we are here to offer another daily gift suggestion.

Anyone who has been in my house knows I have a huge collection of functional pottery. Here's a photo of my china cabinet as proof. What you do not see is that the bottom is crammed full of other pieces as are a few kitchen cabinets! My husband, Logan, accuses me of never having met a hand thrown coffee cup I didn't like (and need to have).

So it should be no surprise that today's selection is a great piece of pottery! Woodland soapdish, by kylieparry is a gorgeous piece. As Kylie says - Pair this little beauty with a bar of handmade soap and you have the perfect gift for just about anyone! I know I'd love to find it under my tree (Logan?- HINT HINT). Make sure to check out her shop for many cute ornaments and other pieces. Kylie is currently offering free shipping- could your holiday shopping get any easier!

If you check out UnStrungSisters you will find this new pair of earrings, Mixed Metal Star Earrings. Twinkle, twinkle little star....

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