Thursday, March 6, 2008

Craft Shows

Amy here~

It has been an extremely busy time. I have participated in one of three (maybe four-undecided on one) crafts shows scheduled for March and April. Building up inventory, tagging items, and getting ready for these shows is quite an undertaking. I really enjoy it all though!

Today I'm sharing my display and booth set up in case anyone is looking for ideas. Please comment if you have any ideas or photos on the web to share.

This is a very easy way to create a display for your earrings~ bi-fold closet door placed upside down. Tent cards are used to display the earrings and are slipped into the slats. Placed correctly (in a v shape) you can use the front side of both doors. For my pre-Christmas show, these were filled to the floor with earrings. As items sold we simply moved earrings up to fill in the empty spaces.

There are two sets of these shelves. Again, bi-fold doors are used. Slats were removed from one side of each door and shelves were slide in the openings. A fabric drape is used to provide a backdrop. Dress-forms have become a trademark of my booths. I placed some along the top to catch the eye of shoppers far away and it worked! A few people came to the booth and said they just had to see what being displayed. Others commented they recognized me because of the dress forms. The dress forms are used to display necklaces and bracelets. (You see them used as props in some of our listings on Etsy.) As items sell, we simply 'redress' the naked gals with extra inventory.

In the middle of this display right under the top shelve you can see the very cool sign I made and blogged about below. It is hung very simply with copper wire. On the adjacent earring display toward the bottom, you can see necklaces hanging. S-hooks are simply slipped into a slat and are a quick way to use that space.

The great thing about this display is it all folds, stores and transports flat. I can easily get everything into the back of my mini-van (just revealed a little bit about myself ~ sniff. I would never trade my three kiddos in for that Thunderbird convertible I have been lusting after!).


Pretty Panda said...

I think this is a fabulous idea. I love your creative idea using bi-fold doors. I'm so excited to get your idea. Thanks a lot! You're so creative.

Best wishes to you,
pretty panda

Anonymous said...

Not only a great idea in terms of ease of transport but this looks very classy - an appropriate display for your product.