Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sometimes I just need to make something other than jewelry...

Amy posting today...

If you haven't seen the fun products at YMBD Scrapbooking Supplies on Etsy you have no idea the fun you are missing. I purchased this pack of chip board craft letters and decided to use them to make a few UnStrungSisters signs for some upcoming craft shows.

The base is the thin balsa wood strips that you can pick up at the craft store. I purchased mine for around $1, which I cut into 2 -18" long strips (I'm talking about the wood here~ US dollars aren't that big anyway!). Then, with the help of my littlest helper Sadie, we painted it randomly with some different light colors.

After the paint dried, we added a not-too-thin coat of crackle glaze.

Once that dried, we added a coat of black paint, again - not too thin for better crackle.

When it dried, it looked like this.

For the last step in base preparation, I lightly sanded here and there. Next, the letters were glued in place and once dry, finished with a satin finish varnish and..... ta-da!

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