Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jewelry for My Friends - Part 2

Hi, Erin here -

As promised here's the next installment of the jewelry I made for my friend Lisa. The "Dream" necklace is for Lisa's daughter Cerina. Cerina is a budding fashion designer so hopefully this necklace will help keep her inspired. The ceramic pendant was made by Gaea.

This next necklace is for Lisa's daughter Kaylee. The necklace is made from Mirage Beads. Mirage beads are similar to the Mood Rings we had as kids but they are much more sensitive to temperature change. We have had lots of fun with these beads - sadly, I couldn't get them past the teal color, Lisa was able to get them to blue, my son got them to purple. As you are wearing the beads they are not all the same color, but once they are warmed up against your skin they will be mostly blue. The pictures show the color progression.

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