Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the O'Halloran sisters.

Erin here - thought I'd share with you another of my favorite things - to make jewelry for my friends. I truly enjoy my friends going through my "stash" and picking out a few beads and letting me run with it to put my spin on what I think they will like.

My dear friend Lisa needed several pieces of jewelry as gifts for her daughters as remembrance of their father's retirement from the military - Thanks Jon for 23 plus years of active duty service. For those of you without a military background it is customary for the retiring service member to give gifts to their immediate family as a thank you for their support. Don't worry Lisa got a few things for herself, in fact that is what I'm blogging about today.
After looking through my stuff Lisa found some lampwork beads made by MyCabinCreations - in fact I loved these so much I had put a similar set in a treasury on Etsy and of course they were bought right up - so I asked Pam to make two sets for me! Lisa decided a watch would be a great gift for herself. After a quick discussion I think we found the perfect combo. Tomorrow I'll show you what I made for her daughters. After that I'll blog about Jon's mom who "doesn't wear a lot of jewelry" but sure has a great eye when it comes to design.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I'll end with a an old Irish saying - There are only three kinds of men who can't understand women— young men, old men, and men of middle age.

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Pam Dansie said...

Cool watch! Thank you for adding me to your blog. I am going to put your link on mine, so I can come back. Take care Pam