Saturday, March 8, 2008

What is This Stone????

Hello, this is Erin posting -

The pendant in this necklace has caused great fun - as I stated in the Etsy listing for this necklace Amy and I could not figure out what this gemstone is. Immediately when I listed it I got a "convo" from another Etsy seller CheapBoutique , writing that she too wondered what the gemstone is ... she suggested we put it in the forums and see what happens. Here's the link to the forum post (I posted in the Etc category) - we only had 3 pages of comments but with-in 2 hours the views increased by over 80!!!!!! So in the first day of posting this item it had 100 views - we don't officially track this but I'm pretty sure that is a record for us. If you have any idea what this stone is please leave a post and we will keep this mystery going...

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